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  • September 2014

    Britain's best-selling air-cooled VW magazine

    VolksWorld is Britain's best-selling magazine dedicated to the whole air-cooled VW scene and a must-buy for all fans of the legendary vehicles, particularly the iconic Beetle. VolksWorld takes pride in going to extraordinary lengths to bring its readers the most outstanding and fascinating features packed full of the very best photography and information that cannot be found anywhere else.
  • Make it HOME
    Make it HOME

    Make It HOME - Craft ideas to make your home unique

    Stamp your own mark on your home – and by hand – with this inspiring guide to modern crafting, packed with beautiful yet easy ideas, real-life style inspiration and creative makes. From window treatments to cushions, furniture upcycling to easy touches, Make It Home is the essential guide to living creatively.
  • 17 / 2014
  • No.1
    How It Works Illustrated

    The Science, Nature & History Magazine Collection

    Welcome to How It Works Illustrated. Packed with fascinating stories about the world around us, each 132 page issue is dedicated to explaining everything readers want to know about one mind blowing topic. As well as amazing stories and features, How It Works Illustrated also offers brain-busting puzzles, challenges and quizzes to stimulate your mind and truly bring learning to life.
  • No.14_Jul-14
    HouseFun 好房


    《好房》雜誌,一本專為都會白領「準屋主」所推出的刊物,也是國內第一本結合房地產、投資理財與居家品味的綜合性雜誌,旨在幫助讀者以最精要的方式:找好房、理好財、品生活。 每月一本、一讀就懂的《好房》雜誌,為讀者快速掌握房市動態,以精準的報導,提供深入的買屋賣屋技巧與在地生活資訊,不僅是最專業的房產財經雜誌,也是最值得你信賴的住居工具書。 所有房子大小事,全部交給《好房》來搞定!
  • The Story of the Beatles
    The Story of the Beatles

    The complete guide to the greatest band of all time

    The Beatles are the best-known and most-loved band in modern musical history. This chronological companion to their career and back-catalogue is packed with beautiful images of the band, snippets of memorabilia, and quotes from the mouths of the Fab Four themselves. Even the most obsessive Beatles fan will find new insights here, into the relationships between band members, the significant gigs, from Liverpool’s tiny Cavern Club to a sold-out Shea Stadium, and how it all came to an end. Their music is timeless, their imagery iconic and their story compelling – and all three combine here to make this the essential Beatles book. Featuring: The History - Find out how the Beatles took the world by storm with album after album, and discover the turbulent relationships behind the scenes. The Songs & Albums - Track-by-track analysis of each of their albums, plus a discography, chronology and images of their studio notes. The Artwork - The iconic imagery of the band and the era, from mop-top hair and matching suits to Abbey Road studios and their cover art. The Fab Four - Spotlight on each of the members, with a history of their early lives and family.
  • The Total De-Stress Plan The Complete Manual
    The Total De-Stress Plan The Complete Manual

    Practical ways to help you unwind

    The Total Destress Plan helps you to understand the different forms and sources of stress and explores ways to take control and defuse it. Discover nutritional advice, practical strategies for destressing your home and workplace, exercise techniques that calm the mind, and learn about complementary medicines. By using these practical tools for stress management and relaxation, you can create an essential balance in your lifestyle. Featuring: Understanding stress - Get to know the different forms of stress. Calm - Explore basic mental and emotional techniques to defuse stress. Nourish & Replensish - Discover links between stress and diet, and use exercise to calm the mind and emotions. Pamper & Rebalance - Create a stress-free zone at home, and look at complementary medicines in the treatment of stress.
  • SciFiNow's 80s Sci-Fi Almanac Vol 1
    SciFiNow 80s Sci-Fi Almanac

    The Complete 80s SciFi movie guide

    The eighties was a seminal decade. From mini skirts to mullets, these years spawned some inspirational styles, many of which are still going strong today. In this book we take you on a journey through the movies that defined a generation. From Back to the Future and Tron to Empire Strikes Back and E.T., enjoy the films that made this one of the greatest decades of cinema. Featuring: 15 greatest big screen bad-asses of the 1980s - The biggest of the 80s SciFi bad-asses Indiana Jones - Follow the adventures of the heroic archeologist Star Wars - Take a look into episode V and VI Ghostbusters - We ain't afraid of no ghosts!
  • ��Hola! Los Reyes Felipe VI y Letizia
    ¡Hola! Los Reyes Felipe VI y Letizia

    La historia de una nueva familia real

    La infancia, el noviazgo, la boda, las hijas y su proclamación como Reyes deEspaña. El más completo recorrido fotográfico por la vida de los reyes de España en más de 300 páginas para el recuerdo.
  • Tom Waits - The Ultimate Music Guide
    Tom Waits - The Ultimate Music Guide

    148 pages of incredible history

    Roll up, roll up, for the latest in Uncut’s legendary and extravagant Ultimate Music Guides. This time, our subject is none other than Tom Waits – radical beatnik, one of the greatest singer-songwriters of the past 50 years, and a true American original. Once again, we’ve gone deep into the archives of NME, Melody Maker and Uncut to fish out the wildest and most surreal interviews with Waits, a man whose stories are every bit as good as his songs. And once you’ve learned that, among many other things, “A hero ain't nothing but a sandwich,” we’ve given our team of Waitsian scholars the job of reviewing anew all of his storied albums: every one an eccentric and compelling winner, is the verdict. Throw in the usual blend of rare pictures, discographies, a complete collectables guide and all manner of junkyard weirdness, and you’re left with Uncut’s Ultimate Music Guide to Tom Waits. Hoist that rag!
  • Choosing a School for Your Child Victoria
    Choosing a School for Your Child VIC

    Secondary School Education Guide

    When it comes to education, we all want what’s best for our kids. Decisions about where your child goes to school are very personal and can be daunting. In Choosing a School for Your Child we aim to make this process as simple as possible. These days, choosing the right school is more than simply choosing between co-educational or single-sex, government or independent. Other factors to consider include educational options, the school’s philosophies, religious affiliation, the co-curricular programs and much more. Some schools are noted for their sporting and musical programs, while others have a strong vocational emphasis. Some make involvement in community service compulsory, while others offer an extensive range of languages and international exchange programs. Our regular features detail everything that a parent needs to know about the NSW education system and the HSC, RoSA and the IB. In order to keep you informed and up-to-date, we have compiled a series of articles that address important issues. Our comprehensive listings highlight information about government and independent schools in Victoria, divided by location for easy reference.
  • Computer Arts Presents 20 - The Portfolios Handbook
    Computer Arts Presents 20 - The Portfolios Handbook

    Your definitive guide to presenting your work with impact

    This special issue from the makers of Computer Arts brings you cutting-edge portfolio strategy. Whether you’re looking to land new work, climb the career ladder or raise your professional standing, we bring you everything you need to know to assemble the perfect creative portfolio.
  • 2014
    Home Yard

    Content will include everything included in the “yard” of a home – vegetable and herb gardening, recipes from the garden, pets, solutions for washing lines and dirt bins, pools and pool care, how to make your own compost, inspiration for your stoep, solution for wendy houses and your garage.
  • 2014
    Tuis Werf

    Die inhoud sluit alles oor die werf rondom jou huis in – blom- en groentetuine, resepte uit die tuin, troeteldiere, planne met wasgoedlyne en vullisblikke, jou swembad, komposhope, inspirasie vir jou stoep, die Wendyhuisie en jou motorhuis.
  • 2014
    WOOD® Build A Better Backyard Bundle

    Build your dream deck, make the most of your outdoor space and save money by doing it yourself with the WOOD® Build A Better Backyard Bundle

    Build your dream deck, make the most of your outdoor space and save money by doing it yourself with the WOOD® Build A Better Backyard Bundle! We show you how easy it is to add arbors, benches, pergolas, patios, planters and more to make your backyard the envy of your neighborhood. Choose from over 70 projects with full-color, step-by-step photos and easy-to-follow instructions guaranteed to guide you from prep to finish in a weekend … or less! Your Build a Better Backyard Bundle includes Best-Ever Projects 2014, Decks & Backyards 2014, Best-Ever Projects 2012, Best-Ever Projects 2009.
  • 2014
    WOOD® Ultimate Man Caves Bundle

    It's never been easier (or more fun!) to turn your boring basement or garage into the tricked-out, big-boy playground of your dreams!

    It's never been easier (or more fun!) to turn your boring basement or garage into the tricked-out, big-boy playground of your dreams! With the WOOD® Ultimate Man Caves Bundle, you'll get all the know-how and how-to you need to do everything from framing to flooring … in as little as a weekend! Steel-lined Car Caves … Backyard Brewpubs … Chromed-Up Harley Hangouts … plus hundreds more detailed photos and instructions to guide you to success every time. Your Ultimate Man Caves Bundle includes Man Caves 2014, Dream Garages and Shops 2013, Great Garage Makeovers 2011, Man Caves 2012, and Great Garage Makeovers 2010.
  • Creative Spaces Vol. 3
    Creative Spaces Vol. 3

    Where you create inspires what you create

    This best-selling special issue is back again with even more room inspiration, storage and décor projects, and behind-the-scenes peeks at dozens of crafting spaces. We'll also show you how to get these inspiring looks with easy and inexpensive do-it-yourself approaches that are both beautiful and practical.
  • No.1_Jul-14


  • No.619_May-14
    別冊山と溪谷 登山用具2014


    夏のアルプスに行きたい!ハイキングを始めたい! 登山初心者・初級者の道具選びの悩みにこたえる、最新登山道具の選び方、買い方がわかる本。 編集部セレクトの2014最新モデルも一挙掲載。 「夏山のお買い物」はこれ一冊でOK! ●夏山の格好 スタイルサンプル ●夏山のキホン 「夏山ってどんなところ?」「まずはこれを買おう」・・・etc ●夏山装備の基礎知識、選び方、カタログ  登山靴、ザック、パンツ、レインウェア、ベースレイヤー、中間着、防寒着、ウインドシェル、ソフトシェル、ウェア系アクセサリー、機能系タイツ、ゲイター、ヘッドライト、トレッキングポール、ボトル、ストーブ、クッカー&カトラリー、テント、ツェルト、寝袋、マット、枕
  • No.620_Jun-14
    別冊 山と溪谷 富士山ブック2014


    数ある富士登山ガイド本の中で、もっとも歴史のある『富士山ブック』。 2014年、富士山に登るために必ず読んでおきたい一冊です。 正確で詳細なコースガイド情報、登山口までの交通情報や宿泊する山小屋情報など、富士登山に必要なすべてのデータを、最新情報にアップデートしています。 さらに、富士山を快適に楽しく登るための、アイディアやノウハウがたっぷり詰め込まれています。2014年版ならではの目玉企画も目白押しです。富士山デビューの登山者はもちろん、いつもとは違った楽しみ方も検討したいリピーター登山者にもきっと楽しんでもらえるはずです。 ●綴じ込み付録 富士山登頂ルート詳細マップ(電子版も各頁毎に掲載)●富士登山ルポルタージュ(吉田ルート/御殿場ルート) ●特別企画|Mt.Fuji Style Book●定番企画|富士山登頂ルート&お鉢めぐりガイド●総力特集|Q&A富士山の登り方、楽しみ方 ●特別企画|山麓から登る富士山ロングトレイル●寄稿|富士山をめぐるワンデイハイク●寄稿|お墨付きの絶景ポイント「お札」の富士山●富士山便利帳
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