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  • How It Works Great Inventors Creations Vol 1

    1 numéro  /  CHF 6.08

    How It Works Book of Great Inventors & Their Creations

    Share the excitement and inspiration of history's greatest geniuses

    Featuring – among many others – brilliant mathematicians Archimedes of Syracuse and Charles Babbage, celebrated scientists Michael Faraday and Alfred Nobel, and photography pioneers Nicephore Niépce and George Eastman, the How It Works Book Of Great Inventors & Their Creations is the ultimate guide to learning how these geniuses worked and what incredible inventions earned them their rightful place in history. Feature - 10 inventions that changed the world. Inventors - Discover how the world's greatest inventors created their innovations. Inventions - Explore archaic apparatus, examine medical breakthroughs, and understand how technological systems evolved. Historical artefacts - Read selected pages from inventors' books, and analyse technical drawings, diagrams, study notes, letters and diary entries.
  • Issue 2

    1 numéro  /  CHF 6.14

    Prima Makes

    The second edition of Prima Makes is packed with crafts for all skill levels, covering everything from simple card making to a crochet blanket.

    The second edition of Prima Makes is packed with crafts for all skill levels. Covering everything from simple card making to a crochet blanket it really is brilliant value for money.
  • 2014 World Cup Guide

    1 numéro  /  CHF 5.30

    ESPNFC 2014 World Cup Guide

    ESPN's Guide to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

    ESPN's Guide to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.
  • Issue 4

    1 numéro  /  CHF 55.28

    Knitting & Crochet from Woman’s Weekly

    Projects, Patterns, Ideas and Inspiration.

    Knitting & Crochet from Woman’s Weekly is a dedicated monthly series produced by the renowned Woman’s Weekly knitting team who collectively have over 100 years of experience in the knitting industry. Each issue features an extensive collection of patterns suitable for all abilities, including clothing and accessories for all the family, children’s toy’s and TV characters, home ware, novelty and seasonal items, plus how-to guides from some of the leading designers and technical experts in the world. We also exclusively feature vintage patterns from the 1920’s up to the 1980’s – these are taken from our extensive archive and fully reworked so they can be made with modern yarns. The Woman’s Weekly knitting team sets itself apart from its rivals by testing every single pattern before they are published, ensuring that they are all of the highest standards – in short, unlike many knitting patterns out there ours are guaranteed to work!
  • No.1_Mar-14

    1 numéro  /  CHF 7.72

    最新iPhone & iPadアプリ特撰900


    iPhoneとiPadの使いこなしに欠かせない強力アプリを、厳選900本紹介するガイドブック。紹介アプリのすべてに「QRコード」を掲載しているので、iPhone、iPadのiSightカメラ(iPad 3rd以降を推奨)で読みとれば目的アプリのページにダイレクトにアクセス&かんたんインストールできます。ネット活用、ソーシャルメディア系から、動画・音楽、画像・フォト、生活、情報収集・読書、ビジネス、メンテナンス、ゲーム&面白系まで、すべてのジャンルを網羅。加えて、アプリの達人が、リアルな活用術も指南しています。
  • Apr-21-14

    52 numéros  /  CHF 97.28


    Get your fix of celebrity news, photos and inspiring stories.

    Experience PEOPLE Magazine in a whole new way with the digital edition. Each issue has the inside scoop on today’s hottest celebrities, exclusive photos of your favorite stars and inspiring stories about real-life heroes. Swipe through your favorite pages for fun and easy browsing! Subscriber's Automatic Renewal Program: You authorize Zinio to charge your credit/debit card, or paypal account, at the price above now and in time to renew your monthly subscription, without interruption, before the start of each new term at the rate then in effect unless you tell us to stop. You may cancel at any time during your subscription by contacting customer service. If your credit/debit card or paypal account cannot be charged, we'll bill you directly instead.
  • May 2014

    12 numéros  /  CHF 55.28

    Craft from Woman's Weekly

    Projects, Patterns, Ideas and Inspiration

    Craft from Woman’s Weekly is an inspirational monthly series featuring an extensive collection of projects, makes and ideas suitable for crafters of all abilities. We aim to challenge and inspire you to try new things as well as show you some great new twists on classic projects. All major craft areas are covered including, paper craft, card making, jewellery making, sewing, needlecraft, craft for children, flower arranging, felt/applique, painting and drawing. All of the projects, ideas and makes featured are tested extensively by our team, so unlike many others they are guaranteed to work!
  • Social Marketing The Complete Guide

    1 numéro  /  CHF 6.14

    Social Marketing The Complete Guide

    Learn how to promote your brand using social media…

    Get more Facebook likes, double your twitter followers and make your content go viral!
  • Luxe Living 2014

    10 numéros  /  CHF 61.43

    Home&Lifestyle Collection

    A collection of inspirational lookbooks full of ideas and advice for creating the perfect home

    132 pages of inspiring images ranging from dream rooms to crafts, decorating ideas and seasonal trends to get your home interiors ideas flowing, helping you create your perfect home. Each issue in the series is beautifully presented with interior-design notes and practical insights from the expert editors at Britain's leading homes magazines.
  • Issue 28

    6 numéros  /  CHF 46.55

    Cuisine A&D

    Cuisine de chefs francais

    128 Pages le meilleur de la cuisine mondiale
  • Issue 59

    6 numéros  /  CHF 41.76

    Voyage de Luxe

    Le magazine des voyages et des hôtels de rêve.

    Le magazine N°1 en France des amateurs d’hôtels de rêve et de destinations rares ! Adresses inédites, circuits exclusifs, spas, restaurants, shopping… Les tests et reportages réalisés par des journalistes aguerris vous donnent les clés pour voyager dans des lieux préservés où l’hospitalité est un art.
  • Issue 3

    3 numéros  /  CHF 41.76


    L'encyclopédie des recettes des plus grands chefs du monde !

    Une sélection en 360 Pages de recettes des plus grands chefs du monde + une sélection de vins.
  • Issue 12

    6 numéros  /  CHF 29.13


  • No.1_Feb-14

    1 numéro  /  CHF 17.14

    会社四季報 the kaisha shikiho (Japan Company Handbook)


    『会社四季報』は東洋経済新報社が年4回(3月、6月、9月、12月中旬)発行する上場企業の特色・業績・財務内容・株価の動きなど独自取材で得た情報をコンパクトにまとめた企業情報ハンドブックです。取引先の調査やマーケティングなどビジネス用途から株式投資、更に学生の就職情報ソースとして、およそ日本の会社を知るのに最適な雑誌です。 ※サイズ約6.0MB。通常のZinioの電子雑誌よりダウンロードに時間がかかることがあります。
  • 2014

    1 numéro  /  CHF 8.84

    Big Boy: On the Road to Restoration

    One of the biggest and more powerful steam locomotives in history is coming back to life!

    Trains magazine has exclusive coverage of Big Boy No. 4014’s return to steam for the first time since 1959. Big Boy: On the Road to Restoration tells the inside story of the beginning of the engine’s historic journey.
  • No.1_Mar-14

    1 numéro  /  CHF 11.66

    できるポケット Excel関数全事典 2013/2010/2007対応

    できるポケット Excel関数全事典 2013/2010/2007対応

    Excel 2013対応の新関数を含む「465」個の関数をすべて掲載した全部入りの事典が登場。関数の機能はもちろん、引数の役割や使い方のポイントなど、日々の業務で役立つ情報が満載です。さらに、誰もがよく使う基本的&重要な関数には、実践的な使用例を掲載。サンプルファイルをダウンロードすることもできるので、自分で操作して理解を深められます。調べたい関数がすぐに見つかる「関数インデックス」「目的別インデックス」や、関数の入力方法、エラーの対処方法などを確認できる「関数の基本知識」も収録した、充実と安心の1冊です。
  • Issue 28

    8 numéros  /  CHF 20.14

    TREAD – Mountain Biking With Soul

    South Africa’s premier mountain biking magazine

    South Africa's only mountain biking magazine. Packed with relevant, authoritative, quality content that appeals to South African mountain bikers. A premium quality mountain bike magazine that caters for anyone that enjoys riding a mountain bike, but with particular emphasis on the increasingly large segment of intermediate and experienced mountain bikers. It covers everything that matters to South African mountain bikers, researched, written, photographed and designed in a way that’s insightful, honest, entertaining and inspiring. Topics include objective, authoritative gear reviews and bike tests; relevant trends (local and international); advice on buying and maintenance; indepth trail reviews and skills improvement advice; a race calendar listing as well as pictorially powerful event reviews; profiles on relevant figures within the mountain bike market as well as topical opinion pieces. TREAD is published eight times a year.
  • No.33_Mar-14

    1 numéro  /  CHF 0.87

    Encounter 遇

    專業造型雜誌, 絕大部分提供與專業美髮相關的訊息, 延伸到美容、彩妝與整體造型。

    肯邦公司成立於1988年, 是一家擁有獨特文化的專業美容美髮產品代理公司, 曾於1995年榮獲經濟部頒予中小企業國家磐石獎的肯定。26年來除了相繼引進國際級的產品─PAUL MITCHELL. LebeL. UTOWA等品牌, 也投注大量的教育資源, 著重專業人員正確觀念的教導與技能的訓練, 積極地改變整個產業環境, 並且提升專業人員的素質與沙龍服務品質! 為了完整傳達公司的理念與文化, 並讓更多人有管道獵取正確的美髮美容、整體造型知識, 於是創辦了Encounter遇雜誌, 至今已出版了33期。
  • No. 19

    1 numéro  /  CHF 1.02


    Revista mensual de moda de la revista ¡HOLA!

    Revista mensual sobre las últimas tendencias de la moda editada por la empresa ¡HOLA!
  • No.1_Mar-14

    1 numéro  /  CHF 11.70

    できるホームページ HTML&CSS入門 Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista対応


    手順通りに操作するだけでホームページ作りの基本が身に付く! 愛犬のホームページをゼロから一緒に作ってみましょう。日記やリンク集、写真集のページを作るうちに、HTMLタグとスタイルシート(CSS)の書き方から、インターネットにホームページを公開する方法まで、必要な知識が無理なくしっかり学べます。さらに、愛犬の動画や旅行先の地図、Facebookのボタンなどを埋め込んでホームページを彩る方法も紹介。便利なフリーソフトと素材集を収録したCD-ROMも付いているので、この1冊でホームページ作りをすぐに始められます!
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