forme et santé

  • April 2015

    12 numéros  /  CHF 9.70


    Shape your life!

    Live life in Shape. Get expert style advice for your body type; confidence-boosting beauty solutions; the latest diet and nutrition news; workouts that really work; plus the best ideas for healthy living!
  • March 2015

    9 numéros  /  CHF 19.40

    Yoga Journal

    Whether for physical, emotional, or spiritual well being.

    Yoga Journal is for both the beginning and advanced practitioner, and the casual and committed reader.
  • Mars 2015

    11 numéros  /  CHF 23.63

    Psychologies Magazine France

    Dans le contexte actuel, Psychologies magazine est un véritable atout 

    Psychologies magazine vous donne RV avec vous-même et vous accompagne dans votre quête de mieux-vivre. Vous apprendrez à mieux vous connaître, mieux comprendre votre entourage... Avec Psychologies magazine, vivez plus intensément et plus sereinement.
  • May 2015

    12 numéros  /  CHF 33.92


    Triathlete Magazine

    The leading triathlon publication, informing and inspiring athletes of all abilities with training and nutrition guidance,advice from the pros and top coaches and experts, athletes profiles, product reviews and all the information they need to fully enjoy the triathlon lifestyle.
  • Fevrier - Mars 2015

    10 numéros  /  CHF 15.35

    Votre Beauté

    L'unique rendez-vous de toutes les beautés : 100% Expert, 100% Glam

    100% Expert, 100% Beauté, 100% Chic Votre Beauté est la référence de la beauté de toutes les femmes. Soin, make-up, cheveux, esthétique, diététique, bien-être…pour répondre à toutes vos attentes. Plus de conseils d’experts, de dossiers sur les tendances et les innovations produits. Votre Beauté, l’unique rendez-vous des beauty addicts.
  • Mars 2015

    11 numéros  /  CHF 25.57

    Runner's World France

    La référence mondiale du running pour tous les pratiquants

    Entraînements, conseils santé, forme ou nutrition ! Avec nos experts reconnus, retrouvez chaque mois tout l'univers de la communauté running, que vous soyez débutant ou confirmé, coureur sur route ou sur chemins.
  • April 2015

    10 numéros  /  CHF 24.26

    Women's Health

    Its Good to be You!

    Women's Health readers strive to better their whole lives. And that's exactly why Women's Health reports on all the topics that interest them. In every issue you'll find topics on success strategies, nutrition, weight loss, health, fitness, special reports, sex & relationship, beauty breakthroughs, and style & fashion.
  • February - March 2015

    6 numéros  /  CHF 14.55

    Paleo Magazine

    Paleo Magazine- Dedicated to the Paleo Lifestyle and Ancestral Health

    Paleo Magazine is dedicated to giving people the tools and information they need to make the best personal choices for living the Paleo lifestyle. Each issue is packed with information on diet, exercise, daily living, recipes, reviews, the latest research, raising Paleo kids and much more!
  • Avril 2015

    12 numéros  /  CHF 23.53

    Top Santé

    L'expert et le référent Santé, Bien-être.

    Des solutions efficaces pour mieux gérer la santé de toute la famille au quotidien
  • Women���s Health: Your Best Body Ever

    1 numéro  /  CHF 3.88

    Women’s Health: Your Best Body Ever

    The Women’s Health: Your Best Body Ever book is a special how-to guide will keep you pumped-up and motivated to stick to a healthier diet and a fitter lifestyle. Learn the best ways to curb your cravings, and find out the most practical weight-loss tips to live by to achieve a sexier you!
  • April - May 2015

    9 numéros  /  CHF 19.40

    The Box Magazine


    The Box bimonthly magazine serves the CrossFit world by offering training and nutrition advice from the best minds in the community, along with competitor profiles, news and research. It motivates, inspires and informs, and provides a platform and a voice to those who only truly come alive inside the box.
  • April 2015

    3 numéros  /  CHF 5.55

    Women's Health and Fitness Magazine

    Create your best body, mind and life

    Australia’s favourite women’s fitness magazine delivers the best advice and breaking news in health, wellbeing, weight loss, fitness, beauty and style, sex and relationships, and personal development, direct to you. Enjoy fabulous fitness videos, photo galleries, step-by-step techniques and must-read advice from our in-house training experts. Now available by subscription, arriving automatically every month, our Zinio is as reliable as your best friend! Being your best just got easier.
  • Zest's Best Body Manual

    1 numéro  /  CHF 6.00

    Zest's Best Body Manual

    Become your own PT to get your hottest ever summer body with Zest’s expert fitness guide.

    Want a hot body this summer? We thought so. This personal trainer-approved guide from the No1 women’s health magazine will get you fit and toned – fast. With tailored, body-blitzing moves to strengthen and tone every inch (in as little as 10 minutes), expert tips and advice on building your own at-home gym, the kit you really need for your workout, plus the meal plans, snacks and nutrition tricks the fitness experts swear by, it’s got everything you need to become your own PT and get your best body ever.
  • The Body Type Plan

    1 numéro  /  CHF 3.59

    The Body Type Plan


    Want to wave bye-bye to your bingo wings, muffin top or saddlebags? Then you have come to the right place. The Body Type Plan is the ultimate guide to toning your trouble areas, and everything you need to pummel those pesky pounds that just will not budge. This book has everything you need to get fit, toned and fabulous, plus it is easy to follow. First up, take our quiz to discover your body type and then follow the tailored 30-day workout and diet plan, specially designed for your shape. Expert cardio will boost your fat loss, while targeted toning exercises will firm you up all over. So long, body jiggle!
  • Feb-13

    1 numéro  /  CHF 3.88

    Whole Living

    Whole Living magazine gives you the smart, simple ideas you need to take care of yourself, your family and the planet in a way that is natural, sustainable and personally satisfying.
  • No.197_Apr-15

    24 numéros  /  CHF 55.86

    Common Health Magazine 康健

    「康健電子雜誌 永遠的第一選擇」 隨時灌溉您的健康人生!

  • No.52_Apr-15

    1 numéro  /  CHF 3.08

    Common Health Special issue 康健雜誌專刊

  • No.385_Apr-15

    12 numéros  /  CHF 46.55

    Evergreen 常春

  • Abril 2015

    12 numéros  /  CHF 19.30


    Una veterana del quisoco, ahora también en formato digital.

    Más de 30 años ayudando al lector a tener una vida más sana a través de terapias alternativas, alimentación natural, respeto por la naturaleza y medio ambiente. Única por las características de su contenido, tratando mensualmente temas de ecología y salud natural. Una apuesta editorial solida para alcanzar el lema de esta cabecera: ¨Vive mejor en un mundo mejor.
  • Fall-Winter-12

    1 numéro  /  CHF 4.85

    NewBeauty Magazine

    Read about the best anti-aging celebrity secrets, new treatments that grow longer lashes and how you can transform your skin overnight—plus, the latest products and procedures on the market.
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