• 2013
    Tahoe South Travel Planner

    This is the primary informational piece that visitors use to plan their vacations to and activities in Tahoe South. This piece is delivered to consumers who are serious about visiting Lake Tahoe and are interested in information about lodging, restaurants and activities that can help them create a meaningful trip.
  • No.1
    Ride for Dreams 單車壯遊


    青輔會所發起的「青年單車壯遊台灣」活動選出20組青年團隊,他們發揮創意,訂出各式主題,騎出屬於自己的單車壯遊,並將動人的環島故事書寫下來,完成《單車壯遊 20種2輪遊臺灣的方式》一書。5月25日出版。
  • Mai 14
    The Red Bulletin Österreich

    The Red Bulletin Österreich

    The Red Bulletin ist eines der auflagenstärksten Magazine der Welt. Monat für Monat erzählt es einzigartige Geschichten voll Action, Sport, Reisen, Kultur und Musik.
Es bringt das unerwartete zutage: Persönlichkeiten, die sich außerhalb der Norm bewegen, Grenzen ausreizen, Lebenslust zeigen, gegen den Strom schwimmen, eine Leidenschaft für abenteuer haben und bereit sind, neue Wege zu gehen. Im Mittelpunkt der Berichterstattung stehen internationale Inhalte, die den lokalen Leserinteressen entsprechen. The Red Bulletin erscheint jeden Monat in 5 Sprachen –Englisch, Deutsch, Französisch, Spanisch, Portugiesisch. Das e-paper des Red Bulletin bietet Zugang zu allen lokalen Ausgaben und ermöglicht ein Lesevergnügen auf dem jeweiligen mobilen Endgerät im Hoch- und Querformat. Alle Ausgaben des Red Bulletin e-paper sind kostenlos erhältlich.
  • Conde Nast Traveller India - Swiss Special Issue
    Conde Nast Traveller India - Swiss Special Issue

    If you're planning a Swiss trip (or even if you aren't), our red-hot Switzerland Special Issue is simply unmissable. Download to read the best Swiss itineraries, 10 almost crazy things to do in Switzerland, which ski resort is right for you, and much more.
  • December 2014
    Cincinnati Magazine

    Cincinnati Magazine - the most comprehensive guide to living in & around Greater Cincinnati

    Each month we introduce our readers to the region’s most interesting and influential people; guide them to exciting experiences in shopping, dining, living, and culture; and take them behind the headlines to explore important issues. We do all of this with lively writing, sophisticated design, and an informed voice.
  • Outdoor Rooms Bookazine
    Outdoor Rooms Bookazine

    Expand your living space to the outdoors

    The term “outdoor room” has become part of the vernacular. Today, an outdoor room is an integral component of any new landscape design and its creation is the goal of most major home or garden renovations. What form or shape that outdoor room takes is a matter of taste, space, budget and lifestyle but whatever its guise, all outdoor rooms share several essential elements. An outdoor room is an outdoor space that has been designed to be lived in. As such, it needs to be as functional, comfortable and beautifully designed as any indoor living room. It can be used for relaxing, entertaining, cooking, dining or watching movies. In many cases, it needs to cater for all of this and more so the design has to be flexible. We hope Outdoor Rooms gives you all the information and inspiration you need to create an outdoor room that is as unique as you are.
  • Nov-13
  • Dec-12
    EC Begin (イーコマースビギン)

    写真をクリックすると、商品が買えるページにジャンプ! Begin的目線で、まるごと一冊オンラインで買えるものだけを厳選掲載!

    忙しくて買い物に行けない人や、地方にお住まいの方でもお好きな時間に欲しいモノを手に入れることが可能! この一冊は、電話番号によるショップの問合せ先も掲載しながら、URLと検索キーワード、さらには該当商品までの絞込み方法などを全商品に掲載。そして電子版なら商品写真をクリックすると、直接購買可能なページが現れる! 掲載するアイテムも、ビギン読者に人気のブランドのEC限定品をはじめ、お手ごろ価格のファッションやオモシロ雑貨、47都道府県のお取り寄せ美味などなど買いたくなるものばかり。普段お店で買い物をしている人も、最近ECでばかり買い物をしている人でも、自分の好きな方法でモノを手に入れることができる。商品で、そして買い方で、ともに購買意欲を掻き立てる一冊です。
  • Issue 19

    Auberge Resorts & Hotels operate a timeless collection of luxury resorts, spas and residences each with its own distinctive character to assure a unique and memorable experience. All of the Auberge properties are characterized by a set of common elements: intimate, understated elegance; magnificent natural settings; inspired cuisine and award winning spas. The resorts are located in captivating destinations, from the vineyards of Napa Valley Wine Country to the beaches of Cabo San Lucas Mexico
  • Spring 2014
    Pitt Med Magazine

    The world of medicine, close-up. Now available as a free digital subscription!

    Pitt Med's sterling contributors bring you up to speed on the latest in biomedical research and offer little-seen glimpses of the medical life. The magazine tells the stories of those at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine advancing the human condition. Great reading for anyone curious about health!
  • Win-13
    Pure Michigan

    Pure Michigan, sponsored by Travel Michigan and produced by the editors of Midwest Living, is the Official State Travel Guide. The 120-page visitor guide magazine contains informative stories, inspirational photos and insider tips for mapping your next Michigan getaway.
  • 2015

    Todos los modelos off road bajo la lupa.

    La mejor guía para conocer al detalle las características técnicas que esconden todos los modelos de campo que actualmente están a la venta en España. Divididas en los segmentos motocross, enduro, trial y aventura, podrás encontrar la moto que mejor se adapta a tus necesidades para disfrutar de la naturaleza sobre dos ruedas. Y para sacar el máximo partido a tu montura, te enseñamos todos los secretos de la puesta a punto de sus suspensiones. Tanto si eres un aficionado recién llegado al universo off road como si ya dispones de amplia experiencia, seguro que encuentras soluciones para mejorar tu rendimiento.
  • Novembre - Decembre 2014
    Géo Voyage

    GEO Voyage propose une vision à 360° d’une destination. Quels sont les endroits à ne pas manquer ? Que s’y passe-t-il de nouveau ? Quels musées visiter ? Quels itinéraires choisir ? Culture, société, traditions, vivantes… GEO Voyage prend le temps, avec plus de 120 pages d’images et de reportages, de faire découvrir le charme d’un pays ou d’une ville.
  • Book
    Shopping Design Special 五感民宿特別號


    民宿是個特別的場域,不同於冷冰冰的高級飯店,基本上你是走進別人的家裡,分享和體驗另一種生活。即便老闆本人不住在那裡,至少那也是他對理想的家的實踐。你可能帶些什麼而去,可能帶些什麼回來,在那短暫的幾日中,除了旅行本身的意義,民宿及民宿主人很可能也是撫慰你心靈的關鍵之一。 因而在民宿中,在那個對我們來說是難得的假期裡,希望能擁有五感的享受。在清晨醒來,明明白白地感受到,「這是一個假日的黎明。」
  • No.13_Oct-12
    International Trade 國際商情叢書

    外貿協會叢書精選系列: 【前進俄羅斯】 俄羅斯蘊含豐富的文化藝術及多元的種族特色,由於歷史和語言的隔閡,大家對俄羅斯的瞭解不多。本書作者在俄羅斯工作已有9年,訪問過數以百計的俄國企業,長期觀察俄羅斯政經社會及市場環境的變化,精闢的觀察與評論,助您認識一個真實的俄羅斯。 【參展行銷】 一樣參展,有些攤位總是人潮絡繹不絕,有些攤位卻門可羅雀!原來,參展須做充分準備,才有亮眼成績。《參展行銷》有系統地介紹如何選擇合適的展覽、如何準備參展,以及展中如何運用有效的接待技巧,開創最佳成果,是參展必讀。 【商旅秘笈(亞太 中東 非洲篇)/ 商旅秘笈(歐洲 美洲篇)】 請駐外單位針對全球重要城市,推薦當地適合台灣商人的住宿飯店及中西餐廳,並按亞太、中東、非洲、歐洲及美洲等地區彙編而成,希望協助在海外奔波的台灣廠商找到最適合的餐飲及住宿環境。 【海外市場拓展成功故事】 集結45位海外創業台商的奮鬥史,見證他們勇闖異域、邁向成功的秘訣;更特別彙整目前熱門的新興市場與我國主要的貿易夥伴,挑選出涵蓋五大洲及中東地區共18個國家,精要說明各國市場環境與拓展建議,提供有意前往海外經商者掌握關鍵資訊。 【中國大陸成功台商故事】 本書介紹台商在大陸布建品牌與通路的成功故事,深入專訪 60 家在品牌與通路經營有成的台商,借由台商成功經驗提供廠商拓展大陸內銷市場之最佳借鏡。 【英文除錯大師系列(共四冊) 】 本手冊內含600 則常犯之英語錯誤,每則皆列有正確說法及用法,最適合有心提升英文能力的人士。內容豐富實用,讓您的英文從「自以為正確」提升至「真正正確」的境界。
  • May 2014
    The Red Bulletin New Zealand

    The Red Bulletin New Zealand

    The Red Bulletin is one of the largest magazines in the world. Every month it features breathtaking stories full of action, sport, travel, arts and music. Delivering the unexpected, the magazine honors those who don’t play by the rules, have a lust for life, who have a passion for adventure and are not afraid to walk challenging new paths. It covers a wide spectrum of international content that reflects local reader's interests. The Red Bulletin is published in 5 languages - English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese - every month. The Red Bulletin e-paper gives you access to all local Red Bulletin issues and languages and allows you to read it on your digital device in the landscape and portrait format. The Red Bulletin e-Paper issues are available for free.
  • No.99
    LANDSCAPE DESIGN ランドスケープデザイン

    暮らしの景観・環境をデザインする。 Designing environment and scenery for public.

    『LANDSCAPE DESIGN』the magazine provides timely information on built landscapes and new techniques for ecologically sensitive planning and design with photographs and graphics ,in Asia and all over the world ;useful for landscape architects or garden designers and housing ,building ,city ,sevlal constructors ,monument ,sculpture, etc. ※In the subscription, 7 issues are suuplied by the signle price for 1 year (6issues) . 『LANDSCAPE DESIGN』は、暮らしの景観・環境をテーマにした日本で唯一の専門雑誌です。国内はもとより海外の話題や事例を通して、よりグローバルな視点で編集し、美しい写真を豊富に取り入れたビジュアルマガジン。造園、建築、都市計画、土木、アート、デザイン、まちづくり関係者など幅広い分野で景観・環境に携わる専門家に向け情報発信をしています。※定期購読は1年間(6号分)の価格で7号分をお送りします。
  • Noviembre 2014
    Bike - España

    bicicleta de montaña, pruebas de bicicletas, componentes y accesorios, rutas, mecánica.

    Toda la información sobre la bicicleta de montaña, pruebas de material, manual de mecánica, rutas.
  • Nr. 75 - Novembre 2014
    Turisti per Caso Magazine

    La più famosa rivista di viaggio scritta dai viaggiatori

    È la prima rivista scritta dai turisti per i turisti e propone percorsi, suggerimenti ed emozioni direttamente dalla voce dei viaggiatori. È il primo magazine in Italia a raccogliere i più bei diari e racconti di viaggio, offre una vasta gamma di informazioni utili e consigli indispensabili per chiunque desideri mettersi in viaggio attraverso i 5 continenti. “Turisti per Caso Magazine” ha come testimonial e autori d’eccezione Syusy Blady e Patrizio Roversi, ideatori della nota trasmissione TV “Turisti per Caso”. La coppia cura i contenuti lasciando impronte creative, suggestioni e spunti interessanti per tutti gli appassionati di viaggi.
  • December 2014
    Deer & Deer Hunting

    Practical and Comprehensive Information for White-Tail Deer Hunters

    Deer & Deer Hunting is written and edited for serious, year-round hunting enthusiasts, focusing on hunting techniques, deer biology and behavior, deer management, habitat requirements, the natural history of deer and hunting ethics
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